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Rehab doesn't just make products from recycled plastic. Rehab is also a way to educate the public about environmental problems related to plastic.


Through the workshops, you will learn some notions of recycling , the right actions to adopt on a daily basis, but you will also get your hands dirty and actively participate in the creation of a product to proudly bring home


We offer workshops to schools and leisure centers to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

Course of the workshop:

- What is plastic? Where is he from ?
- recognize the different plastics
- zero waste as a solution
- grinding of corks before injection
- injection of carabiners

Companies & Communities

Do you want to organize an awareness event within your company, for your customers, employees or partners?

Do you want to optimize your waste flow and set up collection, sorting and recycling circuits locally?

Waste collection

Rehab can organize a waste collection for your school, business or the general public.

We have created a fun awareness collection kit especially for the occasion.

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